Mirai Maid Cafe

The only stand alone maid cafe in Orlando. A place where you can come to relax, have fun, and eat delicious food.
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Yummy food
Yummy treats
Yummy drinks

What to expect

A tasty spell

Our maids will cast a spell on the desserts to make them taste even better!

End of Show Performance

Our Maids provide an amazing dance show experience

Interact with maids

What better way to enjoy a maid cafe than to interact and take photos with the maids.

What is a Maid Cafe?

Maid cafe's are a subcategory of cosplay restaurants, commonly found in the Akihabara district of Japan. Waitresses are dressed as maids and interact with you while they serve you delicious hand decorated food.

About Mirai Maid Cafe

We are convention based Maid Cafe out of Orlando Fl! We bring fun entertainment in the form of dancing, desserts and various games to lightent the mood and to provide a fun and entertaining show to the convention goers. We are Florida's #1 Maid Cafe at conventions!

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